Biography - Band

Fallacious World are

Dorothée Guilain
keyboards / voice
Zoom : Dorothée
Blaise Guilain
bass guitar
Zoom : Blaise
Louis Gooris
Zoom : Louis
Nicolas Sobczak
guitar / voice
Zoom : Nicolas
Guillaume Marousez
Zoom : Guillaume


Based on a duet (Lord Valek/Blaise), Fallacious World formed when Nicolas joined the band to play guitar in 2003. Drum and keyboard were then programmed. A 4 tracks demo CD (Nothing to hope) is recorded.

En 2004, when Dorothée joins the band to play drum and Louis to play keyboard, Fallacious World is libarated from its inescapable rythms.

As Tears of blood is released and Valek leaves the band in 2006, Fallacious World ends its first period. Nicolas replace Valek on vocals.

From 2008, the idea of a new album is shared by all. Many songs are recorded but none of them will be published.

New songs are recorded in 2011. They are more satisfactory and Within two worlds is released in 2012.

The request for an original song from the russian label Darkpage for a compilation released in 2016 make germinate the idea of third album...
Tricky thing is released in august 2018.

After almost 15 years as a quartet, Fallacious World gladly welcomes Guillaume on drums in 2020 while Dorothée enriches the band with a second keyboard.