Fallacious World
Fallacious World : new album

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Fallacious World

Louis Gooris
Zoom : Louis
Blaise Guilain
bass guitar
Zoom : Blaise
Dorothée Guilain
drum / voice
Zoom : Dorothée
Nicolas Sobczak
guitar / voice
Zoom : Nicolas


At the start of 2003
Based on a duet (Lord Valek/Blaze), was born Fallacious World when Nicolas joined the band.

The first 4 tracks demo CD is recorded: Nothing to hope.

April 2004, after one year spent using a rythm programmer, Doro joined us in playing drum. We were libarated from our inescapable rythms.

November 2004, we loose the last constraint of samples. Louis play keyboards and allows us to have a real live sound


Recording of Tears of blood.

Summer 2006, Valek leaves Fallacious World.

October 2006, first Fallacious World's album Tears of blood is out.

2008 / 2009
New recordings. We hoped for the new album in 2009!
Back to zero on recording.
Within two worlds is out. This second 10 tracks album is a real band work. You will find many influences and sounds in it.