Fallacious World
Fallacious World : new album


The archeologist betrothed

A strange chance allowed us to meet
Or maybe it was a joke of fate
You've been waiting a long night in your sheets
I think it was not in vain
I spent so many night alone in mine
I couldn't reach peace of mind
By the day i was born
I think it was you i loved

You're sleeping beside me
Like a statue imploring skies
How long are you deadened in hope ?
Through your mask i see you wish
The chrysalis to become butterfly
And the bud a rose
A butterfly that never die
A rose that never fade

I recognized you this day
I found your sarcophagus
Now we must go away
No longer Time will divide us
I will join you for eternity
I'll be with you everlastingly
I will kill the time tonight
words by Blaise